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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Don't find fault, find a remedy --- Henry Ford.

Speaking of finding faults, last few days I was in touch with few of my friends who are all gearing up for pongal holidays and most of them echo the same feeling. Lack of motivation, encouragement and of course unfulfilled promises from their organizations. Of course many companies have cut bonuses and some have even cut salaries. More than the pitch that there is no rise or profile changes which were promised, what everyone felt was that there is a serious lack of recognition and appreciation for the work being done. This meant there were no 'Thank You's, 'Good Job!'s , pats on the back from the manager.

What would a word of or gesture of appreciation do to an employee? A lot. Not that this would mean your bank balance would increase but it goes a long way in shaping up one's confidence and morale. Often this is observed in firms where managers do not appreciate people for the work they do but don't spare the stick when required. You aren't a leader if you don't have people working for you and not for the greens. You aren't a leader if you fail to appreciate and let the person know that his contribution is noted. This would ensure the motivational levels are high and efficiency increases. Or else you are dead rubber.

Instead of finding fault with everything that he does, try and be supportive in times of failure( I know that you need to be firm sometimes and that is acceptable) and ensure that you appreciate a positive outcome. Managers should realize that they are dealing with people, not machines or numbers.

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