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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Slowdown! Where?

Slowdown or no slowdown, parents never seem to ease up on indulging their kids. I see long queues in Calicut everytime I go to Focus mall. It is echoed in all the other metros too. With spends on kidswear showing no signs of letting up, even major players in the premium kidswear segment like Gini and Jony and United Colors of Benetton are eyeing growth of 10-40%, while at the same time, going in for significant expansion. There are many new varieties and options for kids clothing that have come up recently. Though the prices are on the higher end people just seem to pick up stuff.

Checking with few of my friends and colleagues about the changing buying pattern after having kids, if there is any, after they had kids revealed interesting facts. The better dressed the kid is, the lesser attention the parents get! So concentrate on the kid and you have passed the test. For all I know the most precious one gets the most attention. So for the marketers and sales force out there, the message is clear. Concentrate on the kid and you get the parents emptying their pockets. The target is the parent here more than the kid.


SkyLark said...

Yes, I completely agree with you in this regard. Cost of dresses for kids have been growing for a considerable 4-5 years. There are chances that one get clothes for adults less than 500 per piece but definitely not for kids..

Keep going.

Unknown said...

@ Harsha...

Well said. The minimum spends have gone up for kids much faster than adults.