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Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday blues: Mundane monday

"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier."

Mother Teresa

What a gem of a weapon! This is easily as cool as the lightsaber! Applies to HR, sales and just to every relationship you can define.

As a HR your job is to keep your employees focused and happy. Solve problems, mend egos and as my HR friends tell me sell smiles. As a manager you should ensure your team is in its full emotional capability. Confidence, trust and support works wonders to boost an individual's performance. This is more than what a good package, high sounding profile can do. Build trust, confidence in your team.

As a sales person your job is more clearer. You are not there to sell the products or provide services but to help the customer solve his/her problems. This goes a long way in building a relationship and repeat walk-ins if not repeat sales. So what if you were not able to sell a product that the customer wanted?

"Sorry! We don't have the natural insect repellent patches. Want to try a vaporizer?" is a shut-the-door statement.

"I am afraid we have run out of stock on Don't Bite Me! patches, I guess you can find them at the store a couple of blocks away. Let me guide you reaching there!" is an excellent way of ensuring the customer would walk in next time.

As a member of a team, be proactive, help, problem solve, educate, learn and be the best. Once you add value to people who interact with you on a daily basis, you are the SPOC.

So ready to be armed with a lightsaber? Go add value!

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