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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Landmark & 2 States

"Do you have '2 states' by Chetan Bhagat?"
"No sir! The book is going to be available only by this month end!"
"But it got released yesterday?!!! Why the delay?"
"Stock has not come to Bangalore yet!"
"I don't think so. Any ways here is my card. Call me once you get it. Also reserve me a copy please."

The call never came!

Well that's what happened at 10 AM today at Landmark, Forum Mall, Bangalore. And when I waked in with few friends at 9 PM there they were. A complete stack of '2 States' staring at me right at the entrance. When I checked why they hadn't called, the excuse is that the stock had come just now. I checked with other staff and the stock had come around 12 noon. I asked them to check for my order and cancel it. They didn't have it! If only I had trusted in them. This is what usually goes on Twitter for such cases: Landmark #fail

I got my copy and here is a pic of the display. The red color made them stand out from the rest but I didn't find any frenzy around. Hopefully should pick up tomorrow!

If you are looking for a well spent weekend reading a good book you know where to go and what to buy. What are you waiting for?

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