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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They know...

I literally mean it. They know. They just know. You got to be watching what you speak. I don't know if I am thinking too much but definitely seeing things that you should be worried about. By you I mean all of us consumers. Let me explain...

During the last few months I have moved across 4 states in Southern India and have been using 5 different mobile service providers and I have seen it everywhere. I think the privacy of my conversation or sms is being compromised! That worries me. I guess this is common across service providers.

I speak to someone on my mobile about eating a pizza and next moment I get sms offering me a pizza at a particular outlet, I talk about doing a PG course in psychology and the next sms is about a distance program in psychology! This just gets better... talk about marriage, paying bills, changing a job, buying a flat, car or whatever and there are high chances that you end up getting offers on you mobile. Now is this common? I don't know if we have that kind of technology being used by service providers now or if it is legal, but you can easily make out certain words and then sell it to a 3rd party who might be interested. That's MY privacy... sold!

Try this and check for yourself. Oh... the rules of the game are loosely like this:
  • You got to have a post paid connection
  • Avg. bill amt is more than a particular limit(I don't get offers for a BMW)
  • Splurging age(20-35yrs)
  • Working
  • In a metro
I am sure you should have seen this and dismissed it but just think. They just know what you need next. Isn't that haunting?
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