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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Bravery is not an asset of a few. Many times in life you face with this question whether to be brave or to just let it go. Things like responsibilities, duties hold you down. I don't mean you need to show your bravery but wouldn't you love it?

Now coming to this pic, loved it. I stole it from a friend's Orkut profile. Isn't it awesome? Now who all wants to be the penguin? Got to be a good runner though.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic...I am a good runner though...:)

Unknown said...

I love to be the polar bear... put some cotton in ears and sleep happily :)

As you said every one has their own constraints to show their bravery specially bondings.

Unknown said...

Thank Q Jyothi.. On your mark.. get ... set..

Unknown said...

Very true Sarah. I would have preferred cotton personally but being the penguin is just too much fun.