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Friday, September 4, 2009

RIP Rajasekhara

Its painful to see someone you know die. More so if the death is unnatural. The whole state of AP across genres, parties and sections are mourning the untimely death of CM Y S Rajasekhara Reddy who died in a chopper crash yesterday. The clip of his family members crying will remain etched for long in our minds as the feeling of how feeble human life is and how stupid materialistic life can be crosses all our minds. This is a black day for all of us here.

A visionary and a people's leader as he is known and a well respected parliamentarian who in his trademark style became friendly to rural folks as well as corporates... YSR will be missed for long. He led the state of Ap to great heights, planned huge developmental projects, gave Arogya to the poor, walked a record 1400 kms and won not just the elections but also the hearts of people. With his trademark Ayya Adhyaksha made many pointers which sent opposition realing as well as handled many a pressure with ease. If there is a take away it is that though he was ignored for 20 yrs in a field where if you are not in news for a week you are outdated he came back with a vengance and is at present the most valuable asset for the UPA being in power. Consistency, hardwork, sincerity and patience are his decoration.

RIP Rajasekhara.


Nupur said...

Yeah, its a loss ! And human loss always creates a dent.


Unknown said...

My favourite politician.The only reason after R.Gandhi who made me like politics.May his soul rest in peace.

Unknown said...

Hi Nu,

Thanks for the visit.

Its a loss that can't be undone.

Unknown said...

He was a good administrator as well as populist. A tough combo to achieve.