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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Personal vs public

When consumers not satisfied with one product, they opt for another. Some products are strong in quality not fervent enough in brand appeal, whereas others are aflame in brand appeal but weak in quality. Mostly this choice is made based on the usage of the product. The products with less brand appeal but good quality are the ones that go for personal usage while the other ones go for public usage. For example you may like eating dosa or having coffee at a particular restaurant but when you opt for a different place when going out with others. This applies to things which are primarily for personal consumption. Therefore several consumers tend to hold dual loyalty, one to a well-structured brand and the other in a more regular one. Is it a problem?

What to chose and what not to is primarily a personal choice. So there is absolutely no problem in a consumer making that choice. But for a brand it is. To break that mould of being a public brand to a personal brand of choice is a huge step. The brand has two choices. One is to provide what the consumer looks at in his personal brand like quality, specific usage, benefit, etc. The other is to maintain exclusivity and stay a permanent public brand of choice. In either case you are competing with two different segments or reaching out to two different needs.

If you don't fit into both, then it is a good time for you to panic.

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