Google+ Consumer Psyche: Help!


Monday, September 14, 2009


The best definition of business I have heard is that it creates a culture of value creation. Every thing in business boils down to one main focus: to help customers get to where they've dreamed(dreamt is correct too, only it is British).Too many people have got this wrong and have complex explanations about what business is and how it should be done but the ultimate objective is to help your customers to get what they want by providing your products/services. Once you are clear about this, you know what to pitch and how to win customers over.

Same applies to employees as well. As a manager you are helping your employees achieve what they want. This may be a need anywhere on Maslow's pyramid but that is what you are helping them achieve. While doing that you help yourself achieve yours. So the customer/employee becomes the first priority and you stay back. Now you know who is the focus here. So today.. go help! You would end up helping yourself.

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