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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday blues: Mundane Monday

Another Monday! What an opportunity to crib, complain and curse!

My work sucks, I hate going to office, no body cares what I do, my potential is not being utilized, I am not getting paid enough, my team doesn't perform!

You can go on like this or get out there with a smile on your face, be a performer and motivator to others. You needn't be a motivator to a hundred people. Just motivating one might make all the difference. Do these and you might feel the difference... dress your best, sing your favorite song,eat your favorite food, start early and exercise. Do whatever it takes to make you feel the adrenalin rush.

Winners never crib, they go and change what is there. Rewrite records by their performance and establish new standards. Are you a winner? Well SHOW ME!