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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Detaining the King? You got to pay.

I seriously do not understand why there is a lot of fuss when someone gets checked at the airport. Dr. Kalam graciously brushed the topic aside and so should SRK. Sharukh might be the king of bollywood but instead of creating a buzz around him being checked and questioned he should make it an example and cooperate. To an extent I have to agree what SRK is decent enough. In his shoes I would have made a lot more noise. But you should also remember that many less illustrious individuals with similar last names go through much more without any fuss.

On the other hand US or for that matter any airport officials should be considerate and check who is a threat and who is not. It is not the short term benefit but the long term relationships that is at stake. Lack of information in a country like US about SRK and Kalam is depressing and stupid. Like Farah said they should at least have Googled him. May be not everytime you check some one but when some one claims he is a VIP. Better they should come up with a list of whom to check and whom not to. You are not dealing with people but with sentiments here. A little more caution and warmth, as SRK put it, would have avoided the situation. They could have turned it to a delight had they recognized him and ushered him out.

"What is the purpose of your visit to US?
What is your name again? Hmmm your passport show you are a frequent visitor!
Wait a minute... I know you... HEY ITS SHARUKH!"

This would have made SRK's day and brought in many roses instead of brickbats they are facing now. What an example they would have set and PR! What an opportunity missed!

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