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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Damn recession! My price just went down

How can I not call it a selfish act on the part of the company when they want to get “much more for much-Much less!”.

And especially today when the term “RECESSION” is being thrown around like the spit on an Indian gully. The idea of desperate measures is being sold like hot cakes.

For example: I get a call for an interview… 1000s of questions are asked, insights gained, skills, abilities and personalities assessed over a series of innumerable interview sessions. Then there is one specific meeting where I am highly praised and fawned upon. I am termed as the biggest asset that the company can ever possess. It is then that the long awaited yet, ironically, the most dreaded question is asked, “What is your salary expectation?”. The answer comes as 20-25K in hand per month (this thanks to the spit(e)ful Recession, otherwise it would have been much more and acceptable). Spat! The atmosphere changes! I should not have such high demands/hopes during these dire situations, these are times when I should grab any opportunity that comes my way since the market is in a bad condition. I should not show arrogance in my abilities. The maximum they can offer is 8 or 10 or 12 K. And it would be better for me to accept it.

These are the lines from my friend Swetha's blog. This is not just her feeling but what all the graduates, post graduates, parents are thinking about the firms. This is the best time to invest in HR potential of the companies and hence they are expanding. But what are looking for? Great brains? I frankly think no. Many firms are looking for what they can get for peanuts. You know what comes for peanuts. Don't you.

I can totally understand that the company is hit financially and is looking for a cut in costs but offering salaries that demean a person's stature, ridicule his/her capacity is not fair. At least come to me and speak to me with a decent offer in future which would rise as you pick up your stuff and start walking on the recovery path. HRs are supposed to hire the best talent in the lot for their respective firms but very few actually make an extra attempt to rein in a candidate with 'potential'.

This is no market where if you don't get a drumstick long enough for the price you want buy two small ones and still cook the soup. Ever heard of the term long term investment? You might succeed in bringing my price down... but my value? It is going North.

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