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Friday, August 21, 2009

+ & -

The close link between one's mood and choice of music stretches with the rise and fall of the notes. It is as simple as + and -. Last few days I was listening to Amy Grant and Hillsong and Michael non-stop and it has been peaceful. You must have felt this too. Happy and music that carries a zig is favored when you are in a party mood and when your thoughts pull the strings in your heart some saxophone or Rafi would fill in. Now if you can just reverse this order and try to kick start your mood with the music, yes it is possible, wouldn't it work wonders. Now I am not considering the canned music kind who wouldn't care what is playing as long as his glass is full and there is smoke in the room.

The same logic applies to the kind of people you want to be with. The +ve people are the ones you always want to stick around with as they make you feel comfortable and recharge you, take you along and make you be happy. The -ve kind of people are the ones you run away from as they drain you out. It is surprising how these birds flock together. Unfortunately here a - and - doesn't make a +. It gets worse. SO you know whom to stick around with.

This has a loophole though. What if the -ve guy/gal is what you think he is and is actually +. Then you need to look into yourself and search for an answer. Are you running away from him because (s)he points to your mistakes, is critical and pointy? Is there something you can change? Then why not change? Running away is not the final solution. May be you are running away from yourself?

+ & - is there in your dressing, the way you talk, approach yourself, friends, family, children, pets and what not. Let me tell you something. You can be a -ve person and get what you want or be a +ve person and still get what you want. The difference is in the effort, charm and warmth you put in what you do and who you are.

So what are you? + or -?

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