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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top of mind

What is critical for brands is to stay top-of-mind among various options. It means there is a chance to get picked up. Once you are in this evoke/preferred set you get to be the second best or third best purchase choice. What makes you stay top-of-mind is what your preference should be. Well they can be simple or complex, consisting of a basic sequence of timed communications to ensure proactive communication triggered by specific and chosen responses, behaviors or prior contacts that influence the consumer. This can also be done drip by drip in engaging the consumer's order of choice. Studying what consumer wants to keep your brand in the top 3 or four choices helps you acquire those qualities and raise your rank.

It’s important that all your messages clearly address consumer’s greatest needs or challenges, so give them an opportunity he might pick your brand. To get there make sure to include a message that contains about your targets’ specific needs; then base subsequent messages build on it.

What happens if you are not in the top-of-mind set? Choose a niche in the same market and stick to it. The profits may not be so good but you can have a dedicated set of consumers buying your brand and happy with it. What if you are not OK with these volumes? Get out and find another sector or come back to me with a better brand and product.

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