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Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday blues: Mundane monday

Is it a mundane Monday? Or is it a making Monday? Why are Mondays so boring? Why can't HRs make Mondays exciting and turn them to something people look forward to? Or is it just fine or strategically important for Mondays to be so bad and Fridays so good to yearn for?

Well I think people rejoice being able to curse Mondays as that reminds them or a lot of work and pressure. It also reminds them of not being able to stay free like Sundays. This leads to double impact and worsens the situation even more.

I have seen people who look at Mondays like a gunshot that lets them zip off towards their goal ahead of others. These are the same people who party and enjoy their weekend like there is no tomorrow. But these people get up on a weekday planning and yearning to go out and do what they do. Guess what they are very good performers, some of the best.

Important elements like trust, morale, satisfaction and sense of achievement and pride are what drives employee's zeal to perform. Try building that in your team. As an individual, do great things at work. Party hard but work harder. Good luck.
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