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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Listen to YOU!

In this ever pushing pressurizing life we tend to think-feel-do according to what others tell us to do. The need to agree weighs heavily upon us. There are many who tell us what we should do how we should behave and what to decide. It may be our friends, relatives, situations, etc. Sometimes we end up doing things that we don't want to do given a choice. Many sacrifices are made to ensure your family, children, parents get that extra advantage. I am not saying this is wrong but don't let that spirit inside you die out. Don't suppress what you always waited to do.

Sometimes what you wanted might be extremely difficult to achieve with all the things that tie you down. But find an outlet that would give you some personal satisfaction. Go for that singing concert, watch that movie, buy that dress, have a nice holiday, learn playing the instrument you always anted to. Do something what your heart tells you to do. You just need sometime alone so that you get that time to listen to you. Are you listening?

If you don't now may be you wouldn't get a next chance. So go listen to the most important person who knows you best... You!


Nidz said...

thoughtful post. helped me compute a post :) see ya around. do check in for ur reply in
yes i have moved!

Unknown said...

True... very True!!! Dnt cut your hair... wear only saree. ... Dnt watch movies... Eat that... Supressing is expressing the love towards the person and it happens when you actually think that the most important person who knows you best is not YOU but some one else :) good one