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Friday, July 24, 2009

Its about me

Most of the times I visit any website its mostly about what they do, how they are going to make money out of me. What I want to read is what I would get out of the website/blog that would change the way I think or help me in making better decisions in life. Its NOT about you. Its about ME, the consumer.

So here is the secret to have a great blog. Blog about what the reader would be able to learn, change after visiting your blog. Unless you give me any takeaway I don't care. If you think I would be interested in what you do... you better be a superstar or a film actor and blog for your fans.

Everyone's hawking something, and if you can stand out as someone who is more interested in helping others address their needs and goals, you will inevitably make more views and bring in more interest.

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Piyush said...

Very true tiger, but people in the corporate world do the same to also keep on check for competition in corporate blogging where it boils down to what new they are are offering.