Google+ Consumer Psyche: I go online. How abt u?


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I go online. How abt u?

I just saw this ad on my yahoo page. Internet has seeped well into the suburbs and is gaining land all the time. It wouldn't be an understatement that soon we will find online payments happening from the so called godforsaken places too. This is a good sign as it saves time, money and effort. We are going online to check my bills, clear them, book my tickets and what not. The point is I am online and so are many of my friends.

This is a good sign for the marketer to push your brand presence online and ensure your availability when I browse. May be I will shop. May be I will recognize your brand when I walk into a store. You better be there.

Unless you want to be a touch me, feel me, get me product.
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