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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google Chrome OS

As Google prepares to unveil its own operating system, based on its Chrome browser, all eyes are on its intensifying competition with the software giant Microsoft. Google’s new operating system, which would ship in the low-cost computers called Netbooks by next year, is likely to create more questions for regulators looking into Google’s relationship with Apple. What was welcomed across internet in blogs, comments and forums is that Google declaring this openly on its blog.

Apple and Google already compete in mobile phones (Apple’s iPhone vs. Google’s Android software), Web browsers (Safari vs. Chrome), online media (iTunes vs. YouTube) and other services, such as photo editing tools. Google says it will offer the Chrome operating system free to Netbook makers under an open-source license. That would be likely to push more people to Google’s lucrative search engine, and perhaps allow them to search the Web faster, but it would be difficult to determine the direct financial impact. This is a sensitive area Google is treading and plays with a lot of factors from egos to market share. This makes the whole concept of OS exciting and worth watching. Google's strategy might pay or otherwise but this definitely would change how players operate in the OS environment.

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