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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The entrepreneurial touch

Receding hair lines, some bald heads, whitened hair, slightly overweight, protruding bellies and a group of forty somethings were all around the room. If you are thinking of a group of old men having a gala time at a party in the evening, its true. This group has a difference. This wasn't a meeting after a golf thought it could have been. The happy eager and bright faces said it all. These were men and women who had dreamt to be different from others in life and achieved it.

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They were entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, executives with the common thread being achievement. IIM Alumni, IIM B and CIIE gathered to celebrate the hundred thousand'th copy of Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal. The event also saw the launch of the Kannada version of the book. CIIE initiative mentorship program Mentor Edge was launched.

The event was Celebrating the Spirit of Entrepreneurship at Royal Orchid Hotels, Bangalore with nice snacks thrown in. It was amazing time with many experienced people willing to share their thoughts and ideas. I am not going to talk about the book because either you have read it or heard about it. If you haven't then go grab your copy today. What I liked at the event was that the room was filled with energy, spirit and success. Thanks to Rashmi I was a part of it, got her autograph on my copy bought last year when it released.

Read Rashmi's views on the event at Youth curry and see a few pics I managed to click. I got my first IIM A card too :) Hopefully will not be the last.

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