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Friday, July 10, 2009

Brand connect

Advertising built on cultural insights forges strong brand connect with its consumers. Madhukar Sabnavis explains in this article.

An NRI family was coming home to visit siblings in India. My friend couldn’t resist noticing that instead of mixing with their local relatives, the NRI family stuck to each other. It made him remark, “Through the visit, my brother’s family stuck to each other like Fevicol.” A brand and its advertising had suddenly become a part of everyday language usage. My friend was far removed from advertising and marketing.

When India recaptured part of Kargil heights from the enemy in 1999, one of the brave soldiers led the cheers by shouting, “Yeh dil maange more,” repeating a line from the then-running Pepsi campaign. Somewhere a base line, a set of words in a popular advertisement had left such an impact that in the chilling zone of Kargil, the soldier couldn’t resist expressing his desires using brand language.

Brands which manage to seep so effortlessly into consumer psyche are the best sold ones as they represent something about the consumer and his attitude. This is usually backed by making the consumer realize the lack of something otherwise called a need and then going on to explain how to fulfill it. Backed by advertising, branding and effective persuasion it makes the brand name or mantra a usable substitute for language.

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