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Thursday, June 25, 2009

You ARE blessed. Period.

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Many a times we complain that there is a lot of pressure and work. I have all the problems in the world attitude crops up. That is when you forget all the blessing you have got and start blaming things around you. I suggest to take a look at the pic above (click to enlarge) and see if your situation is really that bad. I am sure you got your answer. Treat challenges and pressure as tests before you reach your desired position/profile/situation. You ARE BLESSED more than you realize.


Shilpa Garg said...

Yes, we are truly blessed.
When we compare our day to day problems with problems of people around us, our troubles may not seem so large!

SkyLark said...

Hey Vamshi, Nice post. I agree with you that our problems might not be the same as others have but they still remain a pain when they are unfinished.

If a person relaxes saying there are others with more complex situations, their problems would never be solved.

SO to my view, there should be an iota of urgency in solving our issues based on preference and priority and also to keep cool while solving them.

Unknown said...

@ Shilpa...

Thanks for the comment. Yes that how we should learn to be content.

Unknown said...

@ Harsha...

I too agree with he urgency part but my point is that the state contention is a hypothetical one and can be reached. It starts by comparison. The question of relaxing doesn't arise.