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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Winning recession

My blogger friend Nidhi Mangal posted a steal on life as a roller coaster. Hence stolen :)

Life isn’t a carousel going round and round. Ups and down are part of life. We should be strong during bad phase. Best way to do is let not the difficult elements like emotions, pain, excuse overtake your will power. My dad says bend your leg till it hurts.Don’t let the pain win your confidence in you. You are stronger and not the pain. Once you prove the pain that you don’t feel anything, pain itself will feel like a big looser and leave you. He was right. Today morning when I got up for morning walk I felt pain in my leg. I didn't think about the pain much and told myself-- I M STRONGER THAN YOU and managed my morning walk. I felt great. I felt positive.

If we take things positive, life will be much easier. If there is a way to make life easy why not do it from NOW?

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Nidz said...

:) :) i hope more ppl gets the message m trying to convey!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Nidhi... they sure will.