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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why I don't care about IE8's marketing campaign

When Microsoft wants to compare its IE8 with competitive browsers it should have done something better than this. When the consumer sees the table with most of he ticks missing on the copetition's list then something goes wrong with his trust. The other bad side is that IE* has all the boxes ticked. I don't at all buy into this comparison. Markets are way more competitive than the story Microsoft wants us to believe with this comparison table.

I wonder who is the target of Microsoft's campaign. Most of IE's users have IE on their desktop and they'll continue to use it. This campaign doesn't change much to them so as a target they are ruled out. If it is targeted at users using Firefox, it has got to do much more than a mere table. To stop me from using Firefox, Microsoft has to bring out something great, wonderful and useful and wait for me to decide that IE8 is much better than Firefox. This I think needs a lot more than what IE8 has got. The other option was to show me a reasonable table like the car comparisons.

Coming back to the table we are discussing, this treats me, the consumer, like a moron, especially when you consider that I'm using Firefox and have pre-existing views on many items on the comparison table. So to break that belief Microsoft should have showed me videos that when IE8 crashes, it gets back with all my tabs back working. Unless you do that your marketing campaign is greens down the drain.

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