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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Bijay sent me this...

"I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing
handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality
counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications

This is a sentence where the nth word is N letters long i.e. 3rd word is 3 letters long, 8th word is 8 letters long and so on. English is surely a wonderful language. And do all the doctors have illegible handwriting? Why is it so?


Shilpa Garg said...

Read somewhere that doctors are butchers of good spelling and clear writing and that no doctor should be conferred with an MBBS, MD, DM etc unless they pass a handwriting test!!!!!

SkyLark said...

Good one.

I always wondered how the pharmasists could decipher the so called prescription from doctors.

May be they are careless about the way they write. One major mistake from pharmasists in decoding, could end a life, why dont doctors think in those lines and write the presciptions more legibily.