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Friday, June 5, 2009

What are you doing?

Using the Internet is eating up TV time in most of the 'connected' homes.TV used to take up 85% of the time between 5:30PM and 9:00 PM till 2007. But now with the advent of Internet time spent watching TV has reduced to 38% while online time went up to 60%. Most of the times both are on but the concentration is more online. The young prefer watching TV while working online. So in the war between TV and Internet you know who is the winner. TV is not the only one at loss. Internet has considerably taken away lion's share from traditional time-eaters like reading magazines, talking on phone, reading news papers, listening to radio, etc. What is more even in-home conversation has switched to msgs online. No wonder marketeers are advised to spent more of their marketing green online than on TV.


Nidz said...

so true. even i preder to read online news and have also dwnlaoded some ebooks (novel ) instead of hard copy. play virtual games then actual games. and even watch movie in lap top instead of movie hall

Unknown said...

Thank you Nidhi for the comment. I missed the ebooks part. You are right. I love the feeling on staying in control on what I read and watch which is possible online :)