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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The ultimate presentation

Designing presentations has always been fun. Normally we write, add, delete, edit and finally arrive at what seems to be our best effort. This is after losing a night's sleep and sipping lots of coffee. What makes the presentation, which is a 10 minute affair in most cases, so important? What should it contain to attract attention and drive home your point? Lets see...
  • Make is as visually appealing as possible
  • Use fewer words(best presentations have 40 words in 10 slides)
  • Check each slide, header, point if it is absolutely necessary
  • Avoid repetitions
  • 'Create' the template yourself or check for an apt one
  • Deliver it yourself dynamically
  • High energy, movement, attitude, dress... everything matters
  • Lend your personality to the presentation (it always contributes. Why not shape it?)
  • Get a critical view before you actually present
  • Practice, rehearse
  • Smile
Have a lot of confidence in the topic and area of presentation. You are ready to rock!

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