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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sales & Marketing

Collaborating Sales & Marketing: Christine Crandell @ Forbes

  • Sales and marketing should be playing the same score, even if marketing plays the trumpet and sales plays the baritone saxophone
  • Collaboration between marketing and sales involves resolving conflicts on an ad hoc basis after the curtain has already closed
  • To win business, the marketing and sales teams need to do more than just communicate better using structured communication with clearly defined roles, rules of engagement and hand-off points for key revenue-driving tasks
  • Trust one another in order to find common ground and use their combined efforts to increase revenue and improve customer relationships
  • Jointly define marketing plans, participate in joint revenue-planning sessions and determine strategic adjustments to improve business performance
  • Work together
They need to acknowledge that they both have different charters, time frames, vocabularies and work styles. Companies that build a model rooted in shared goals and rewards for sales and marketing will make better decisions, drive more revenue, have more motivated employees and service happier consumers.

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