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Friday, June 12, 2009


I just coined the word Psynters by combining Psychic and Pointers. Everyone is lured by certain words, actions I would call Psynters as cues that guarantee the path of acceptance. These are specific cues that make a person respond, respect and accept. That is just what brands dream of. Psynters help in achieving what most researches want to do, gain trust and respect. Full and fast. These are individual traits which a person seeks out in the first phase when he/she studies your brand/product or may be just you. All this time (s)he is making a mental map about your traits and how do you score on his scale of acceptance. Psynters are the parameters on which you are being rated. This becomes extremely important as this map is going to be the primary criterion in deciding a purchase. Scoring high on your customer's psynters is thus very important.

A lot of research and observation goes into this. I think the best part is this can be done. The worst part is there are too many people with differences in pointers and it is too tiring to map all. But pick a common trait and you have your map or trap ready. Include this in your marketing communique and your sale is half done. The remaining half depends on how you live up to your promise, after sales service, performance of actual product and so on. External variables like competition, econometrics, etc. are considered much after the mental map is sketched.

So get your psynters right.


Unknown said...

Great work! keep it going and I wish and hope we see your word on dictionery too. all the very best.

Unknown said...

I wish :)