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Friday, June 5, 2009

Not mine? Don't care

This year's Britain's Got Talent found something different. Hollie Steel's first attempt was interrupted when she broke down on stage. A kid, all of 10 years, performing in front of a huge audience has a lot of pressure. Though initially a second chance was denied Simon got her one. She performed brilliantly the second time. Any sane person would do the same, give her a second chance. Just think of the pressure, think like a parent, a sibling and see if you can this unfair. Think of what would have happened if she couldn't get a second chance. Resigned for life branded as a failure and what not. Don't you agree with me. Any one with a heart & soul would do.

Last Friday’s program attracted 331 complaints from viewers. But rather than being concerned about the emotional pressure being put on the 10-year-old, 281 people rang in to complain about her being allowed a second chance to sing after she broke down as she sang Edelweiss. That's more than half of total complaints received for the show. Only around 50 callers were worried about her welfare. And this comes from a civilized culture rich people! Would this be different in any other country. May be not. But I think this is pathetic and horrible. The consumer has become so mean, demanding, businessman who stops at nothing to get his share of money, value, importance and pleasure. I guess firms being mean is justified.

Back to Hollie, I don't really know if this was staged. It definitely didn't look like it. If it was staged then it is a marketing genius, without a heart. I don't see how different it is from exploitation. But seriously guys, behave.

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