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Saturday, June 6, 2009

New advertising model

Latest reports by Nielson Mobile suggests that consumers are gradually turning towards mobile advertising. Nearly one-fourth of all U.S. mobile subscribers, 23% to be exact, say they have viewed mobile advertising in the last 30 days.

The Nielsen study also found the number of mobile data users who recalled seeing advertising jumped 38%--from 42 million to 58 million between the second and fourth quarters of 2007.
Furthermore, more than half of mobile data subscribers, 51%, who saw an ad responded to it by sending a text-message, clicking on it, or calling a specific number. Nielsen estimates 199 million Americans use some type of non-voice mobile service from text-messaging to video streaming.

There is growing receptivity by consumers to mobile advertising. While only 10% of data users said they find mobile advertising acceptable everyone understands now that mobile content will become more robust if driven by an advertising model.

In short, data subscribers are more willing to accept advertising in exchange for lower costs or better content.
  • 32% said they're open to mobile advertising if it lowers their overall bill
  • 13% will welcome it if it boosts the quality of their mobile media offerings
  • 23% expect to see more mobile advertising in the future--up from 15% at the start of 2007
You must have felt it in India too over last few months. The number of ads and msgs you receive on your mobile has almost tripled. Welcome to advertising on mobile. The bad part is that it is disturbing and intrusive. The good part is that the ads are personalized, relevant and practical.

What do you think? Is this good?

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