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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Measurable difference

Providing great offers in a fun and easy way is done by most of the firms. But measuring the effectiveness of such programs is purely on sales figures or survey. This is usually tiresome and painfully long and several doubts are assigned to its accuracy. What if something does it automatically?

Tetherball’s approach helps clients "tether" their brand to target audiences by identifying what their customers want and delivering mobile campaigns that interact with permission-based mobile coupons, mobile rewards, mobile sweepstakes and mobile notifications. Integrating traditional marketing methods such as in-store advertising, customers are engaged to sign up for mobile loyalty rewards programs offering promotional discounts. Upon joining, customers are given a Tetherball Tag, a tiny RFID chip that is affixed to their mobile phones, which uniquely identifies them through Tetherball’s technology platform. Tetherball clients are then able to send offers to their customers via standard text messaging. Offers are redeemed electronically using existing in-store RFID point-of-sale terminals or stand-alone RFID kiosks provided by Tetherball.

But the Dairy Queen trial could prove to be much more successful as it's leveraging the only element that consistently has proven effective at changing consumer behavior: money. The knock against contactless payment (and, for that matter, self-checkout) has been that consumers are rarely if ever given a financial incentive to try it, as in "this bread will cost you 10 percent less if you pay for it using self-checkout (or contactless)." The Dairy Queen trial does precisely that, offering customized discounts only available through the RFID tag.

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