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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hitting the right note

I have been to crossword and have always felt that their music was apt and conducive to sit down relax and flip through pages of books and may be I will pick up one. Most of the times I do pick some up. Nidhi writes about her experience at the same store at Calcutta but had a different experience. The music is so disconnected with the ambiance that she starts to grow averse to it thus destroying the whole purpose.

When brands try to communicate to the consumer it is very important to hit the right note. Consumer acceptance is never granted outright. The need to connect and contain is very important. This makes seek and reach out to the brand. What makes brands acceptable or otherwise is all about connecting to the consumer at a subliminal level and binding him/her to the theme.

There should also be no disconnect between your communication media as that would confuse the consumer and ruin the mission. Stay focused and get your note right.

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