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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The follow up

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Walking down Domlur Road, Bangalore yesterday I found this. There were several billboards above the road and all of them had mobile service provider ads. This one had BSNL ad and unfortunately all its lights but one weren't functioning. This billboard was strategically placed. It was the first one before you go up the flyover and first one when you come down and captures commuter's attention. The problem was with the lights. Well placed, designed but poorly maintained. All the BSNL billboards in the area had the same problem without any black light or blinking ones. What should BSNL do? Is it their mistake? I think so. Ensure that your marketing money is spent worthily and follow it up. The agency which handles BSNL outdoor ads doesn't seem interested at all. So BSNL, there goes your marketing bucks down the drain.

Follow up is very important in marketing and sales on both ends. A mere sale might give you a satisfied customer but this level of satisfaction is like thawing ice and need reinforcement and reinstatement of trust on the brand/product/team. Unless you follow up and ensure that your customer is a happy customer (s)he might not walk into your store again. And that is a serious miss.

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