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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do you miss me?

My previous post on McNuggets raised so many questions and I had answer many queries about my expectations. While some agreed with what I wrote some said the nuggets were good enough and predicted their success. While I hope that happens. For now it isn't going that way.

Yesterday at a mall in Bangalore I was with MJ and saw this placard. For a change the picture had the actual size of the nugget in it now). Response so good? I was shocked so went to the counter to find out. After a small discussion the sales guys tell me that it isn't going too well(I think they are being honest). A lot of them are being left out and few customers are complaining too.

This brings me to my point. McNuggets is a failure(I have some consumers thinking on these lines and this tribe is growing). What should McDonalds do now?

They came up with this strategy to display this placard across all stores. The message tells the viewer few things...
  • McNuggets are good
  • The response was good and you weren't a part of it
  • You CAN'T taste them now because you are late
  • Keep missing and cursing yourself as you missed the chance
  • Next time you find McNuggets at the store... PICK THEM
Does it sound good to me? This would increase consumer inquiries about the product, create curiosity quotient, enhance saleability. make the customer wait, miss a purchase ensuring a definite sale next time. I think this is brilliant.

But is this sufficient? McDonalds should work on enhancing its offering too. Increase the quantity, tweak its size, shape and taste. Coming to the product itself I am told that the season was wrong, it was too early to launch, rains would have helped the sales unlike hot summer, adding chilli sauce and salt would have helped, so on... Let's see what McDonalds comes up with. If you don't do this I still wouldn't buy. I think they would do it. Or else with increased expectations than the last time the fall would be bigger.

Would I try it next time? Yes, to blog. You?


Shilpa Garg said...

Hey! U have a wonderful writing style! I liked it!!
Great Going! And Keep Blogging!

Urmi said...

Fantastic. I liked the wonderful presentation of your post.

Unknown said...

@ Shilpa...

Thank U for the comment.

Trying to keep up :)

Good luck.

Unknown said...

@ Babli...

Thanks again.