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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cuddapah special

I was at Cafe Cuddapah last week and was stunned to see it was as good as Bangalore stuff. I was not expecting such a neat environment and food there. So when Sarah asked me to visit this place was a bit skeptical and gave it a try. Cafe Cuddapah is an example of a great business idea well implemented. With about 30 seater space and almost 100 varieties of dishes available in a place like Cuddapah or Kadapa as it is now rechristened it suits well. The prices were normal and the stuff available is amazing. You could have Italian, French, Indian and Chinese dishes at affordable prices. The whole cafe was air conditioned and peple well trained and behaved. Here are a few clips of the ice cream which was their special called Cafe Cuddapah special! I was delighted to see my expectations (which were a bit low ;)) exceeded and turned to delight. If you are in Cuddapah this place is a must visit.

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A few details...
  • Managed by Nammura Hotels, Bangalore
  • Records more than 300 walk ins on a regular day and about 600 on weekends
  • Well trained staff = Good customer service
  • Good ambiance
  • Average prices and great food

My rating: 3.5/5

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