Google+ Consumer Psyche: Click clap! Nokia N97 is here


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Click clap! Nokia N97 is here

Click Clap is the sound and is very sweet when you hear it on your mobile when you slide it open. I was at the Nokia N97 launch Event, Oberoi Hotels, MG Road, Bangalore today at exclusive blogger event of Nokia's latest N series update: N97!

Here is a video of the making of Nokia N97.

All my impression on black color as the best option for gadgets changed when I looked at the N97 white mobile. It was awesome. Will post a review and video soon. Just wanted to say saw it, touched it. The first feel its pretty good. Best features are the slide, comfort, style. The kind of research that went into this feature was huge. So keep waiting for the complete post in a short while.

This event was made available to a few (around 30) select bloggers around the country and is aimed to create a WOM. Well I think here I start.


Unknown said...

Cool may take s me 3 weeks to collect this info about this Device..please keep posting about it...I am also want to know the price??

Unknown said...

@ Ankur.. thanks buddy... Hope it helped you. It is around 34K. Check my next post on this.