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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Britney fails to connect

After a much awaited concert by Britney Spears hit London Town this week for the first time in four years. This is being reported as a disconnected performance as she seemed to be maiming, lost connection with the audience.

The hits flowed, including a remix of her cult track "I'm A Slave For You," and, of course, Brit favorites like "Toxic" and "Every Time." But something was missing - it was Britney, herself. She could have phoned in the performance. She looked bored, pudgy and totally disinterested. It only went to confirm that the star who shocked fans and the world with her meltdown a few years back is still a long way from getting her sparkle back. It could have been her bipolar medication, but nothing sizzled.

This tells us how a brand should stay connected with its audience, all the time. If you don't have the consumer's attention then it never leads to a purchase. And purchase is what matters in making you richer. Too much of success, momentum might make a brand and end up losing its focus but the point is to stay connected. Unless I am looking it doesn't matter how great your brand is. Especially don't mess it up when I am all attention. Is Britney listening?

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