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Monday, June 29, 2009

2900 takes!

Search for perfection and obsession with quality is found rarely across industries and people. I recently found that Jackie Chan holds the record for the highest number of takes for a scene in his self directed movie called Dragon Lord. Well here is a clipping of the badminton match. Only here the shuttle cock is kicked and played like a foot ball. One of the scenes in this game required over 2900 takes for a single shot which is allegedly a Guinness World Record! It also won him the Best Choreographer award and made him a star.

Pic is from here.


Aparna said...

You write 3 posts everyday? You are one prolific writer!! I am happy if I can post once a week.

Unknown said...

Hi Aparna..

Thanks for visiting and comment.

I dont count.. just keep blogging as I learn and see. You have got many wonderful posts on your blog. Consistency is the key to success. Keep posting & visiting.

Kavita Saharia said...

Let me first THANK YOU...thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comment.

I am a J.C. fan but now because of tight working schedules,a home to look after ,kids ..i dont get much chance to see his or any movie...i buy dvds hoping someday i will get a chance to watch them....thanks for sharing such interesting information regarding him.Great blog.

Unknown said...

Hey Kavita...

Thanks for visiting and the nice comment. Am honoured. You have wonderful blog. Keep it going and nice pictures. What a beauty!

Jackie is a legend and feeds my funny bone as well as thrashing one all the time. Too good to resist.

I think you should get those DVDs.



Urmi said...

Hats off to you for writing so many posts in a single day.Great!