Google+ Consumer Psyche: Zoo Zoo Anyone?


Monday, May 11, 2009

Zoo Zoo Anyone?

Giving body and language to emoticons and creating a ZooZoo world with human like creatures in different sizes irregular bodies was a great idea by Vodafone. Stressing on the Value Added Services was the main idea. Now after a few days every one knows about VAS and various options available. ZooZooed by simple sequences, so realistic and expressive but with a limited vocabulary Vodafone's ads are being loved all over, across service providers. Some marketing lessons:
  • Simpler messages are interpreted faster
  • Cost is always a factor
  • Segmentation can be unified
  • Clean viral marketing is possible
  • Characters, Language, medium is not important; The message is
  • Keep message short(less no.of emotions, characters, time, etc.)
Does ZooZoo make Vodafone some money? Well the figures say they are popular but the sales figures are awaited.


Sara Kathi said...

It' a good one... But I still miss the pug and the music:(

Vamshi Krishna A said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks a lot for the comment. I miss the pug too. Lets see if these Zoozoo make us love them more than the pug.