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Monday, May 11, 2009

Zoo Zoo Anyone?

Giving body and language to emoticons and creating a ZooZoo world with human like creatures in different sizes irregular bodies was a great idea by Vodafone. Stressing on the Value Added Services was the main idea. Now after a few days every one knows about VAS and various options available. ZooZooed by simple sequences, so realistic and expressive but with a limited vocabulary Vodafone's ads are being loved all over, across service providers. Some marketing lessons:
  • Simpler messages are interpreted faster
  • Cost is always a factor
  • Segmentation can be unified
  • Clean viral marketing is possible
  • Characters, Language, medium is not important; The message is
  • Keep message short(less no.of emotions, characters, time, etc.)
Does ZooZoo make Vodafone some money? Well the figures say they are popular but the sales figures are awaited.


Unknown said...

It' a good one... But I still miss the pug and the music:(

Unknown said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks a lot for the comment. I miss the pug too. Lets see if these Zoozoo make us love them more than the pug.