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Friday, May 8, 2009

Un-buttoned consequences

We live in strange times. Women in Bangalore are assaulted for displaying their bare arms and wearing jeans. Imagine then, a popular hunky actor thrusting his pelvis into his wife's face and requesting the blushing lady to do what she may or may not do even in the privacy of their own bedroom. This is where discretion and good sense often fail our organisers. Clearly, it was a planned part of Akshay's ramp strut for Levi's Jeans (he is the brand ambassador of the product). I know the entire campaign is based on the 'unbuttoning' story. Great. So far, so cool. But to perform this cheesy number on the ramp was definitely pushing it. I am no prude. I am all for freedom of expression. But this is plain silly. And all the people involved ought to have known better than to go along with the script, knowing the media would gobble up the tantalising visual, and replay it a million times over. Which is exactly what happened.

Shobhaa De

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