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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Party is over

Harsha sent me this...

One day a goat with her small child went into forest for food. Unfortunately they forget their way back to home and struck in the forest at the night. A Big lion came and saw the goat and her child . The goat took her child nearer to her and thought that lion will definitely eat both of them. Lion came nearer to them and put his hands on the child and pampered her and told that "No fear My Dear. I don't have any sisters so now onwards you are my sister and I am your brother". And he gave chocolates , biscuits to the child and ask goat to come to his room with his husband for lunch and also ask her to celebrate raksha bandhan with him and gave her his visiting card. He promised the goat that "tell me if any one attack you or threaten you”. And he left the place.

Finally the goat got surprised and told her child.... "I think Elections are coming."

Well now the party is over and Lion is hungry.


Unknown said...

Bakhra Banana iseeko kehthe hain...

Unknown said...

Sahi hai