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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Noodle to who?

From blinker to noodle straps Mandira has come a long way. Invading into what was for decades considered a man's world she took the small screen by storm. Now she is back with IPL 2.0 and this time storm seems serene.

The action moved to a larger picture from the comfort of the four walled studio to the ground. With several celebrities to vie for screen time and real cricketing quips being necessary Mandira's splash is really small. But she did come with a bang with a new haircut and statement look. With bigger than life stars like SRK, Priety and Shilpa with Shamita grabbing more sheen than cricket Mandira has had tough competetition to beat. There is a lot of gap in terms of strategies, wit to build the cake below the icing.

Still she managed to be in the news and evoke attention, living to her title: The First Lady of Indian Cricket.

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