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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let me be

It's a long way I've come,
And a long way it'll be,
But baby just for now,
Let me be me

We’ll skip from one star to another,
And hop in these galaxies,
But baby just for now,
Let me be me

And lying on those snow covered capes,
We’ll feel and touch and taste and hear,
what the silly wind brings for thee,
But baby just for now,
Let me be me

For we’ll run barefoot on wet sand,
to stop the sun drowning in the sea,
but baby, just for now,
Let me be me

There are some barriers to obliterate,
And limits to left to cede,
Some promises to fulfill,
Some dreams yet to be seen,

But baby, Just for now,
Let me be me, Ohh...
Let me be me...

--- Niyati Priyam (PGP Marketing, Class of '09)


Niyati Priyam said...

Thanks dear :)

Unknown said...

Some times we see so many things in front of us!Few likes and few dislikes which we must say 'yes' to and thats when we pause for a while and say I want to be my 'SELF'.

Nice thoughts with a genuine feel. Congrats Niyati and thanks Vamshi for posting it.

Unknown said...

Well said Sarah. This couldn't be ignored. Sums up the post MBA feeling and expectations. Nice thought Niya.

Nidz said...

nice post. loved it. and great to see u changed ur template :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Nidhi. Glad you liked the template.