Google+ Consumer Psyche: Lack of?


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lack of?

Is it true that most people don't make it a point to find things out? I know many lazy people who cannot walk up and find what a word means in the dictionary. It applies to several other things.

Do you know that only 8% of all the telegrams sent in Inda are in Hindi! Did you know that you can send a telegram in Hindi? Almost 80% are in English. Now do you know that its almost 50% cheaper for Hindi telegram than its English counterpart?

Most times we are content with the regular stuff, regular things. 80% of the times you order the same thing each time you dine out. Average expectations for an average life. Try to see what other options are, like the Hindi telegram. May be its better, cheaper and more comfortable. Is it the lack of choice or interest?

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