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Monday, May 25, 2009

Excellence at work

I am writing exams of MA Business Economics finals at Hosur and as this is a distance mode study most of the exams are held at some college which ties up with the university. There is absolutely no onus with the staff or facilities as it is just for transactional interaction to the college. In such cases the invigilators usually are uncaring and jovial or casual in their approach. I am used to this kind of response at the other centres and most of the time get what I want by being ruthless or adamant. This time too the situation was no different but for a particular invigilator today. He was polite and apt in the way he dealt with students, complying to most of the valid requests like adjusting the desks, Windows, additional sheets and so on. I thanked him when I left and told him that this was unexpected from people in charge of distance education exam centres and he just smiled.

Now that's my point. He could have gotten away just like others by being a spectator but didn't. Though no one told him he did his job excellently and that makes him a leader and special. You may be stuck up in the worst job possible or completely disinterested in what is happening around you. You have two options: Quit or try being passionate. Because as a customer I don't care what you feel. Also as a customer when you find exceptional behaviour make sure you express it. Goes a long way in building up morale and ever heard of employee satisfaction?


Unknown said...

Hope you have given your exams well.

Its three days and no post by vamshi... can it be possible?

Unknown said...

Thanks Sarah. Yes I did well. Was too busy with exams, out of station. Will compensate though. Missed posting in 7 months. :)