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Monday, May 11, 2009

Down the mask? Or

All the followers of Fake IPL Player are waiting to know who is behind it. The posts have been anonymous and have given juicy tit-bits from what happens in the dressing room to what each of the players think. Now that IPLT20 is approaching its finale all the readers expect the owner of this blog to reveal his identity to them as he promised. Now he has put up a poll to check if the readers wanted him to reveal his identity or not. The results as of now are given below.

Yes, stick to your word man

23139 (64%)
Yes, I'd like to see your ass kicked

1334 (3%)
No, let it remain a mystery

4400 (12%)
No, I fear for your safety

1906 (5%)
No, I want this to continue

2471 (6%)
Who cares a f**k?

2579 (7%)
Vote on this poll
Votes so far: 35829 Vote before 16/05/09

What happens when the author reveals his identity? A few options...
  • IPLT20 career surely would come to an end
  • Possibility of law suits from KKR management, friends
  • Become an outcast from parties, circles
  • Lose credibility, trust
  • Lose readers, followers
The biggest loss would be the lack of thrill in guessing who the author is. The whole concept was built around the mystery about the author. Once this is revealed boom goes your substance.

Another interesting thing about this is how readers of this blog responded about the question in point. Almost 67% voted for revelation. Knowing that this would doom his career and chances (if he is a player). It seems no body cares what happens. Exhibiting crowd behaviour its fun to watch the show as long as I am not involved. After all its your call. Lets see what he does.

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