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Friday, May 1, 2009

* Conditions apply

If you've worked, you haven't seen it all but you get an idea of just how low a company can stoop to. Most of the firms hand a contract that "is just a formality" that "needs to be signed right away" or that deals with "basic protocols". Always ask for a copy, take it with you, read it, reread it and make sure you know what's on the paper you have just been handed. If you sign it , it means you agree with what is said on the paper. Let me put it in a better way, you're basically agreeing to everything that's put forth in the contract. Next time you're asked to sign something don't sign it blindly. You'll thank me later.

Companies when hiring or selling try to get away by printing conditions and rules about how they can escape from responsibility. Especially the list is long and font is indecipherable. I think this is a short sighted move. You are only cheating me by tricking and hence losing my loyalty and trust. It should be the other way round. The main focus should be on how you can help me use it and come back for repurchase and not on how you can be put of the warranty or guarantee net. Instead go and make a better product.

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