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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Better deals

Upset customers get better deals. This is a truth especially when seller knows you are upset.

This applies not only to situations like small purchases but also to deals as big as cars and houses. Consumer anger can be a tool of intimidation to the seller. I am not pointing to customers throwing tantrums. Sometimes they get away too but only until they find their match. Anger has no place in business and certainly not in the customer service area. I mean, we are all adults and anger practiced in the retail business leads only to intimidation and that could lead to aversion. Anger in negotiating is meaningless and anyone who gives in to this type of negotiations deserves what they get: a one time rebate usually to wash and flush the angry customer out. Anyone out there who is confronted by someone who is angry usually reacts in the same manner and is immediately put on guard. No way to do business.

But mostly it is expected that if you don't like that price then simply walk away as there are alternatives in market. But it is true that Consumer Anger can get you the deal but ruin the relationship. Wanna try?

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