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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ball & Kids

Saw a close save today on Hosur road. I saw a foot ball that came bouncing on to the road from a house and a kid followed chasing it. Till now saw it only in movies but this was real. The kid was around 13-15 years The Indica would have hit him straight unless the driver veered off braking. The kid ran away with his ball. If you expect this from a kid old enough to know that he has to check the traffic and then cross what would you expect from children younger to him?

Parents should ensure they have an eye on the kids when they play, especially the ones near the road. It is practically impossible for the drivers to keep looking for stray kids. But if there is a ball bouncing to the street its only natural to expect a kid to follow. With summer blooming you need to take extra care of kids.

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